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Takeaways after one year of Tetrix

Hello dear facilitators;

The Tetrix cubes have been revealed almost a year ago and we are happy to say that the response has been extremely encouraging. Since our very first – giant – session at 1,000 cubes in New Zealand, we have provided cubes for not less than 25 sessions around the world. Sydney, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Hamburg, Auckland, Jakarta, you name it. We have been everywhere.

A year is not enough to judge a new product, but we have already learned quite a few things. The biggest take-away is how well the cubes work with the ‘traditional’ whiteboard walls.
When the cubes bring the extraordinary freedom of creation, allowing meaningful staging and powerful sculptures, the traditional whiteboard walls bring their ease of use and fast transition.

So, it is very logic step for us to complete our offer.
We have purchased whiteboard walls for our Parisian warehouse (Moving Walls) and we have teamed up with
Broderix in Australia.
From now on our clients can benefit of a consistent offer of cubes and whiteboard walls all across Europe, South-East Asia and Australia.

Add to this our digital solution Workshop and you can run any kind of collaborative workshop anywhere.

Hot news from Kuala Lumpur:
– We are teaming up with two great professionals. Philippe Coullomb from OpenField and Sven Lefers have just arrived from Sydney to start a new and even bigger adventure in Asia. More exciting news very soon.
– We are working really hard on a new version of our whiteboard tile. Expect this to be available around Christmas.

All the best, looking forward hearing what your plans are!

The TingTang Team