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Workspace Expo – October 2021

Let’s meet and talk about collaborative spaces! We will be at the Workspace Expo this coming 5th, 6th and 7th October, taking place at Paris porte de la Vilette. You will be able to see, feel and test the Tetrix cubes and their accessories for real. Find us at our local distributor booth, Makiba. We will be waiting for you at B26-C26.
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Nous serons présents à la Workspace Expo les 5, 6 et 7 octobre prochain à Paris porte de la Villette. Les cubes seront sur place, vous pourrez donc les essayer ainsi que leurs accessoires. Nous serons sur le stand de notre distributeur Makiba. On vous attend au B26-C29. Toutes les informations sur

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Face to face events are back!

Finally! Face to face events are back.

For this session we had 150 Tetrix cubes for 50 participants and we felt it was the right number required. Let’s keep in mind the ratio of 3 cubes for 1 participant as a good minimum number.

Congratulation to the team – their set-up was really refreshing and made the best out of the large space we had. It was inspiring and truly modular.

On the tech side, the iPad application Workshop has been used on the session and performed very well overall. All inputs/outputs of the session and every report-out in the plenary have been managed through the iPads by one single person. The app offers plenty of simplicity, saves a tremendous amount of time and prevents the printing of tons of papers.

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Multi purposes Totem

It has been a long time since we feature a Totem… So here it is!

This totem is at the Design Studio entrance and as often it serves different purposes.
It is firstly a welcoming sculpture. The height of it makes it impressive and it tells at first sight that the space you are entering is different.
It is also a Bookshelf and if you cover it with quotes and messages it becomes a sort of an inspirational corner.
Finally, because it is surrounded by benches, it is also a place to stop, take a breath and discuss with others.

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Teambuilding with Tetrix

When you are starting a new journey with a group, it is often a good idea to spend the first moment meeting each other, ‘breaking the ice’, so the following interactions are more spontaneous and friendly.

It might be a moment of teambuilding, which literally means creating or fostering the team spirit. Now feeling part of a team is expecting to be supported by your fellow comrades as well as helping them when it is needed. It is based on empathy and trust.

So, designing a teambuilding experience is all about stimulating empathy. It is crafting a shared experience for each member to recognize his/her feelings within his/her partners.

We have designed such an experience with our Tetrix cube and we thought it might be a good idea to share it with you. Here is how it goes:

The space is wide open with no chairs or desk. What you see is mainly a large pile of cubes, sort of welcoming totem, waiting for you.

When newcomers go through the door, they feel a bit confused. This is where the experience begins…

First, they have to crack the enigma: ‘Where are the chairs and those whiteboards we have been promised’?
Ultimately, they will guess that the cubes are the answer but how does it work? Can we sit on it? Does it stack? They have to examine together this bizarre piece of furniture until the expected ‘hoooo, but we can actually build things!’ happens, followed by a round of applause and excitement.

Of course, before going any further, there are negotiations on what they should build. Should it be a whiteboard wall or rather a table? The group discusses, compromises and finally takes the cubes and starts building.

In a matter of 10 minutes, this group has been through a little adventure.  Not quite a donjon quest but a positive first shared experience. They found answers, they laughed, they negotiated and decided collectively what was the best set-up for them and they finally built it.
Genuine team building.

This collective moment works even after two or three times.
The enigma has been cracked but it will be replaced by more architectural audacity 😉

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Used cubes and accessories sell $

Hello everyone;
If you want to bring collaboration and creativity to your space this is the moment!
We are selling a batch of cubes that have been previously used in workshops. They are still in pretty good condition and the price cut is 60%.
– The stock is limited –

Our cubes are available in West Europe (shipped from France), Australia and South-Est Asia (shipped from Malaysia).
Whiteboard tiles and feet set are available too. See all the items in details here

As always, I’m happy to answer all your question –

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When we created the Tetrix cubes, our goal was to transform the average space into a Minecraft-like environment, that could evolve, transform freely, a sort of living organism.
But the ‘alive’ part is not coming from the cubes… It is coming from the users and it can take a while before they really adopt this new tool.

So, as the designer, it is a great satisfaction to see a team that has integrated Tetrix in its habits and as a new reflex, look for a cube for a bit of everything. Need for a sitting? A sketching support, a backdrop? The cubes will do it!

TingTang Design and Openfield keep running online workshops those days using the Tetrix cubes. It keeps changing and moving, but the cubes are always here, supporting the needs for a constant and quick transformation 😉
A true alive space.

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1 week – 1 build #5

Like most of us, we try to reduce the number of our face-to-face meetings by replacing them with phone calls and video calls, as much as we can. But working in an open environment does not make our life easy. The space becomes noisy and unpleasant.
In the past, we built an enclosed phonebooth (see article) with its cute little desk and light specially dedicated for those who needed a video conference. However, as effective as it was, it appeared to be a bit bulky. So we decided to build a new version, better integrated, but still enjoyable and sound-proofed.

We came up with this idea of a hidden cave; a sort of secret comfy space.
We built a large, tall bookshelf at the entrance of the Design Studio. You won’t notice anything special about it when you enter the space, until you turn around and sneak in a little door…  Only then will you discover the gem. It is a long, large bench, covered with cushions, surrounded by books, whiteboard tiles and plushies.
All you need for a good conference.