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1 week – 1 build #2

Hello everyone;

It is so good when we get excited by new ideas. I can hear the ‘we could do this and do that!’ resonating in our space again recently. But too often those ideas are beaten by the means at our disposal and end up in a sad, ‘it could have been so nice…’

This is a pity because those moments are more than spontaneous sparks of creativity; they are rare opportunities given to the group to build pride and a shared belief that they have in them what it takes to make it happen.

This is the main purpose behind the Tetrix cubes. Empowering the people. Giving a chance to the ‘just do it’ spirit to bloom and transform the way people interact and work.

Our second build this week is a bit of a result of such mindset. We were having a conversation about how disturbing it can be to have a video conference in an open space and how great it would be to have a little soundproof cabin…
Here is the result!

Our phonebooth can accommodate 1 person, has been soundproofed by adding cushions on the walls and the ceiling, has a wooden desk (I had this piece of wood from a previous project) and a light so we always look awesome on the video.

We have also added a little bit of comfort with 3 cute plushes.

Build the space you need!

Have a great day.
The TingTang team

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Makiba – new official reseller for Europe

Hello everyone.
Good news! It is now easier, faster, and cheaper to get your Tetrix cubes in France and Europe.
Makiba, a company specialised in active furniture, has become our very own official reseller.
They have everything in stock – from cubes to whiteboard, as well as the newly released connector (see more here).
If you want to meet them in person and discover the Tetrix solution, they will be at the Workspace Expo on September 1st, 2nd, & 3rd 2020 (details below).
Come see them! They will be more than happy to share a cup of coffee with you while talking about modular environments 😉
All the details about the Workspace Expo on
Makiba – stand A15

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1 week – 1 build #1

— 3 minutes transformation turning a bookshelf into a bleacher —

A last-minute visit, more participants in a meeting … Sometimes you need to transform your space quickly to counter the unexpected.
Here is how we turn our bookshelf into a small bleacher, large enough to seat 12 people.
The transformation takes only 3 minutes 😉

here is the original bookshelf
and the final bleacher.

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Stay safe, stay well. Tetrix is helping you.

Tetrix Desk Shield

Now that we are returning to the office, we feel the need to protect ourselves and our colleagues better. A desk shield is one of the accessories you may want to put in place to prevent contamination.

We designed a bracket to use with your Tetrix cube side and use it as a desk shield.
It is a straightforward and cheap solution. You can 3D print the bracket yourself (files available here) or order them from us. Of course, the shield works with the Tetrix accessories – you can simply add a whiteboard tile.

Stay safe; stay well
and kudos to (our official french reseller) for the original idea!

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How to store your Tetrix cubes?

How to store your Tetrix cubes when there is no training nor workshop happening?
Here are two examples that we have built in our office. Many more are possible depending on your layout and the number of cubes you have.

-> A large whiteboard wall

This is an easy one. You just stack all your cubes along a wall, from bottom to top, then cover them with whiteboard tiles. Remember to keep one side open for the pens and wipes.

-> A bookshelf

You can easily transform your whiteboard wall (see above) in a bookshelf by removing the front side of the cubes.
With a bit of inspiration your bookshelf can become a bit more elaborate. We have built one at the entrance of our space that helps to highlight the books we like (or sell ;)) and can be used as a bench as well.

– Exist also in XXL 😉

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How many Tetrix cubes do you need?

People often ask us how many cubes they need to turn a room into a collaborative space.
Unfortunately, there is no golden number – each space is different, and your needs are unique – but we came with a few tips that may help you find the best ratio.

1) Remember your Lego period

The Tetrix cubes are a bit like Lego pieces. You can’t do much if you have too few of them. Where is the fun playing with 4 or 5 pieces, right?
It is so frustrating when a beautiful idea pops up, and you find yourself short of cubes. Higher numbers allow for creativity, thus the more you have, the further you can go.

2) What is your space made for?

There are a few key questions that might help in you finding your right number:
-How many persons do you expect in your space?
– What features is your public expecting? Is your space hosting collaborative workshops, pitch sessions or a world cafe? Or all of them?

Let’s check out a few typical set-ups and their ratio cubes/participant.

Tetrix Plenary
A Plenary set-up with a welcome wall at the entrance of the room.
This simple set-up can be used for presentations or the introduction of a workshop. We used 34 cubes as a stool with a cushion.
On the wall at the entrance, we can draw a welcome message on the added whiteboard tiles.
-> 50 cubes for 34 participants

Tetrix Worldcafe

The world café is a simple and flexible format for hosting large group dialogues.
We have improved the set-up by turning the table into a whiteboard so everyone can take notes easily.
-> 50 cubes for 30 participants.

Tetrix Whiteboard

The whiteboard wall configuration.
On many occasions, we need to break down the group to address topics in parallel and increase efficiency. Whiteboard walls are often the best set-up for both sharing ideas but also as a sound barrier.
All the cubes are covered with whiteboard tiles that can be removed and replaced.
-> 60 cubes for 20 participants.

Tetrix Totem

The totem.
Creating a memorable experience is an important part of our jobs. We named these sculptures ‘totems’, and they are usually covered with quotes from participants or drawings captured during the workshop. They can be a lighthouse, a totem pole, a staircase to the sky … Anything that carries and amplifies the collective spirit of the group.

Here are a few set-ups that were created in 2019.

You can also remove the front side of a cube to create a bookshelf 😉


Tetrix is not more expensive than whiteboard walls when it comes to transforming a space. Besides, it brings much more flexibility. But we know that budget is often a constraint, so we came with a safe, easy and affordable way to adopt Tetrix.
a) Rent the cubes for a couple of days (for a workshop, for example) and see if you like the concept.
b) Try longer and go for or leasing solution. Ideal for experiencing the cubes in the long term. You can stop at any time – no risk.
c) Tetrix is a scalable solution. It works in your space, and your participants enjoy it? Just add more! It is that simple.

We’ve shown you a few examples and configurations coming from 1.5 to 3 cubes/participant. But at the end of the day, remember that imagination is without limits!

@credit – CoDesign-it
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CUBE STORY #3 – Building a meaningful sculpture

One of our clients came to us a few weeks ago, looking to create a memorable experience to celebrate the success of a year long training program. They had planned a full week of conferences at their headquarters, with everyone attending.

Here is what our team came up with – we thought it was worth a video.

The article below will look back at all steps of this project from our initial plan to the final result. We will unroll from the first 3D mockup to the end-result.

Our concept consisted of 200 Tetrix cubes to the headquarters of our client for a week, build a giant totem in the middle of their atrium and cover it with quotes and meaningful messages from the past conferences.

The totem would symbolise the celebration of the group after a year of training efforts. The high ceiling in the atrium allowed for great ambitions, so we planned to go up to 6 metres… enough to captivate the attention of any visitor entering the building.
Our early vision looked like this:

The client agreed to the project and we shortly we moved 200 cubes and their whiteboard tiles on site.
The structure was slowly gaining height and everything was going according to plan, when a shape emerged from the mass… A staircase.

– This is when we decided to change the plan –

Let’s quickly step back and reflect on the context. The past year of training focused on managers and was very much around playing with the metaphors of ascending, ‘climbing the mountain’ as a team, pushing forward etc.
So when this giant staircase appeared, it reminded us of the theme with a slight difference. Because ou staircase was going nowhere it was an invitation to question the why. Why climbing? To go where?

Here is the building process in stop motion.

In order to enhance the full sculpture we worked with two talented scribers :
Arezki Moussi and Laurent Berset. They used the four days of the conference to extract the key messages and scribe it on the Tetrix cubes.

– credit –
The video has been created by Arezki Moussi –

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Supporting VizConf 2019

Hello everyone;

We’ve been really happy to sponsor the 5th VizConf 2019 with our Tetrix cubes!
VizConf is Australia’s largest annual gathering of visual practitioners. Taking place in Melbourne, it is the ultimate coming together of graphic recorders, visual facilitators, sketchnoters, illustrators, and anyone who loves working visually to capture, collaborate, and communicate better.

Kai (Broderix), our local partner, organised everything and delivered whiteboard walls supported by not less than 150 cubes.
We believe it has inspired the crowd ☺

Always committed to supporting the community!