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Bolloré Logistics chooses Tetrix

BolloréLogistics has chosen the Tetrix cubes to furnish its collaborative space in Singapore. The space is superb and now ready to receive its first groups of participants.
It is always very rewarding to be chosen by renowned groups, especially Bolloré Logistics, for which we know the high standards.
Thank you Bolloré Logistics for your trust!

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Workspace Expo 2022

Hello everyone!
This year the Tetrix cubes will be at the Workspace Expo once again, from May 30th until June 1st. This is an opportunity to view them from all angles and try them out.They will be located in the ‘Upcycleurs rĂ©unis’ stand with our partner in France, Makiba.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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Workshop 2.0

Hello everyone!
The Workshop application which allows you to digitize all your seminar inputs and outputs is now reborn. We have been working over a year on a complete overhaul of the application with a release scheduled very soon. 
What will you find in this new version?
– No more local wifi network installation: Simply connect the iPads to the internet network to exchange your files.
– No more connection to iTunes: You will find your documents directly in the application connected to your Cloud service (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Amazon etc.).
– The history of your sessions: You can work on several sessions in parallel and easily switch between them.
– Sharing your session in one click: At the end of your seminar you can share all the files (Team list, Assignment, Input, Synthesis etc.), carefully named, in one click on any platform (WhatsApp, Slack, email etc.).
– And as always Team Lists are easier than ever, your report in the plenary is greatly improved, the application allows the participant to revisit any input or output shared during the session, and so on.
We are looking for beta testers so feel free to send me a message or leave a comment if you are interested.
Hope to hear from you soon!

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Storage and modularity

We often highlight Tetrix cubes’ exceptional modularity. Here is a new example with the temporary transformation of the Design Studio KL into a Showroom for the launch of Lumika, a new company designing sustainable objects for the home. Large double-sided bookcases have been built to show off the items in full-height.

They are perforated with openings to allow visibility and light to pass through.To illuminate the objects we simply attached rechargeable and magnetic LED lamps to the upper side of the cubes.
It works like a charm.At the entrance, we erected a corner shelf where Lumika orders can be stored while awaiting delivery.

The Design Studio is unrecognisable now and as always it has been easy and fun to assemble the different elements.

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The entrepreneur’s dilemma

As a facilitator I use a model called Dynamics Design Principles.

It is often a supportive input in a co-design conversation.
Now as an entrepreneur I have another set of sliders.

Planning ahead – emergency management
Frugal spending – investing
Being stubborn – open to feedback

The issue with those sliders, especially when you are developing new products, is that they are not sliders. You have to be/do everything at the same time, take decisions to the best of your knowledge knowing you might flip everything upside down later.

The last point is very interesting to me. When you have a concept it has to maintain its integrity throughout the development phases. You can’t integrate every good idea because even if users’ feedbacks are always precious they are not always necessarily good for the product.

But still, an entrepreneur should be open-minded enough to flip, reset, pivot radically when needed. So how to keep the core principle intact while allowing your product to evolve in the right direction?

Today my way to do it is by having regular discussions with trustworthy and knowledgeable friends, clients, users, mentors. A handful is sufficient. People who know your product and your vision. It is yet the perfect solution but I would be happy to hear your suggestions.

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Workspace Expo – October 2021

Let’s meet and talk about collaborative spaces! We will be at the Workspace Expo this coming 5th, 6th and 7th October, taking place at Paris porte de la Vilette. You will be able to see, feel and test the Tetrix cubes and their accessories for real. Find us at our local distributor booth, Makiba. We will be waiting for you at B26-C26.
Further information on

Nous serons prĂ©sents Ă  la Workspace Expo les 5, 6 et 7 octobre prochain Ă  Paris porte de la Villette. Les cubes seront sur place, vous pourrez donc les essayer ainsi que leurs accessoires. Nous serons sur le stand de notre distributeur Makiba. On vous attend au B26-C29. Toutes les informations sur

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Face to face events are back!

Finally! Face to face events are back.

For this session we had 150 Tetrix cubes for 50 participants and we felt it was the right number required. Let’s keep in mind the ratio of 3 cubes for 1 participant as a good minimum number.

Congratulation to the team – their set-up was really refreshing and made the best out of the large space we had. It was inspiring and truly modular.

On the tech side, the iPad application Workshop has been used on the session and performed very well overall. All inputs/outputs of the session and every report-out in the plenary have been managed through the iPads by one single person. The app offers plenty of simplicity, saves a tremendous amount of time and prevents the printing of tons of papers.