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The entrepreneur’s dilemma

As a facilitator I use a model called Dynamics Design Principles.

It is often a supportive input in a co-design conversation.
Now as an entrepreneur I have another set of sliders.

Planning ahead – emergency management
Frugal spending – investing
Being stubborn – open to feedback

The issue with those sliders, especially when you are developing new products, is that they are not sliders. You have to be/do everything at the same time, take decisions to the best of your knowledge knowing you might flip everything upside down later.

The last point is very interesting to me. When you have a concept it has to maintain its integrity throughout the development phases. You can’t integrate every good idea because even if users’ feedbacks are always precious they are not always necessarily good for the product.

But still, an entrepreneur should be open-minded enough to flip, reset, pivot radically when needed. So how to keep the core principle intact while allowing your product to evolve in the right direction?

Today my way to do it is by having regular discussions with trustworthy and knowledgeable friends, clients, users, mentors. A handful is sufficient. People who know your product and your vision. It is yet the perfect solution but I would be happy to hear your suggestions.