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1 week – 1 build #5

Like most of us, we try to reduce the number of our face-to-face meetings by replacing them with phone calls and video calls, as much as we can. But working in an open environment does not make our life easy. The space becomes noisy and unpleasant.
In the past, we built an enclosed phonebooth (see article) with its cute little desk and light specially dedicated for those who needed a video conference. However, as effective as it was, it appeared to be a bit bulky. So we decided to build a new version, better integrated, but still enjoyable and sound-proofed.

We came up with this idea of a hidden cave; a sort of secret comfy space.
We built a large, tall bookshelf at the entrance of the Design Studio. You won’t notice anything special about it when you enter the space, until you turn around and sneak in a little door…  Only then will you discover the gem. It is a long, large bench, covered with cushions, surrounded by books, whiteboard tiles and plushies.
All you need for a good conference.