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Talking about recycling with students

Every year, the students of the French Lycee of Kuala Lumpur (LFKL) organise La Fête Verte (The Green Party), a full day dedicated to Ecology. Student’s projects are presented along with local associations and under the sun of Kuala Lumpur the event is generally full of great energy and rich encounters.

Because we knew how nice it was, we were really pleased to receive their invitation to showcase our 3D print technology based on recycled material.

We decided to bring our small 3D printer and a spool of PET recycled filament.
This filament has been made from 100% wasted plastic bottles. Our goal was to explain that waste material has value and that properly transformed, it can be as good as others.

By printing all day long we demonstrate how easy it is to use recycled filament instead of virgin plastic filament and how versatile 3D printing is.

The day before, we had modeled a special gift for the school, a little ingot with the letters LFKL in 3D on the top. We started the print in the he morning and it was barely finished at the end of the day.

We really enjoyed our day talking with so many kids and families about recycling. Many didn’t know much about 3D printing and were amazed to learn that we could actually print with recycled plastic bottles.
Well done and congratulation to all FLKL students !

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Local Plastic waste recycling project

Hello everyone;

As you may know, we at TingTang Design are putting a lot of effort into creating a more sustainable production and one of our objective is to shift from using virgin plastic to recycled plastic.

We have completed many tests and prototypes recently by 3D printing with 100% recycled plastic and the results came out great.
So we are happy to announce that from now onwards our cube’s feet will only be produced from 100% recycled plastic.☺ – orders are open!

With one small water bottle we can produce up to 3 feet.

The printed part keep the transparency of the plastic bottle it has been made of.

But this is only the beginning and we want to push forward!
Our next objective is to recycle local plastic waste to produce 3D printer filament.

Often, finding the value behind the waste is the best way to clean our landscape…

How it would work: We will collect local plastic waste (we have already found partners) focusing first on PET plastic (typically water bottle). We will wash, grind, dry and melt them to produce filament for 3D printer.

This filament will then be sold, mainly to ourselves, and the money collected will help in expanding the initiative to other places because Malaysia needs a lot of this little recycling plants.

This being said, buying the first set of machinery and producing the first batch of filament is expensive. To start off the project we are launching a fund raising campaign.

We welcome any amount of contribution be it small or big!


You may visit our Gogetfunding page to contribute :

You can also read more about our project on our website

We will keep you posted!