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How many Tetrix cubes do you need?

People often ask us how many cubes they need to turn a room into a collaborative space.
Unfortunately, there is no golden number – each space is different, and your needs are unique – but we came with a few tips that may help you find the best ratio.

1) Remember your Lego period

The Tetrix cubes are a bit like Lego pieces. You can’t do much if you have too few of them. Where is the fun playing with 4 or 5 pieces, right?
It is so frustrating when a beautiful idea pops up, and you find yourself short of cubes. Higher numbers allow for creativity, thus the more you have, the further you can go.

2) What is your space made for?

There are a few key questions that might help in you finding your right number:
-How many persons do you expect in your space?
– What features is your public expecting? Is your space hosting collaborative workshops, pitch sessions or a world cafe? Or all of them?

Let’s check out a few typical set-ups and their ratio cubes/participant.

Tetrix Plenary
A Plenary set-up with a welcome wall at the entrance of the room.
This simple set-up can be used for presentations or the introduction of a workshop. We used 34 cubes as a stool with a cushion.
On the wall at the entrance, we can draw a welcome message on the added whiteboard tiles.
-> 50 cubes for 34 participants

Tetrix Worldcafe

The world café is a simple and flexible format for hosting large group dialogues.
We have improved the set-up by turning the table into a whiteboard so everyone can take notes easily.
-> 50 cubes for 30 participants.

Tetrix Whiteboard

The whiteboard wall configuration.
On many occasions, we need to break down the group to address topics in parallel and increase efficiency. Whiteboard walls are often the best set-up for both sharing ideas but also as a sound barrier.
All the cubes are covered with whiteboard tiles that can be removed and replaced.
-> 60 cubes for 20 participants.

Tetrix Totem

The totem.
Creating a memorable experience is an important part of our jobs. We named these sculptures ‘totems’, and they are usually covered with quotes from participants or drawings captured during the workshop. They can be a lighthouse, a totem pole, a staircase to the sky … Anything that carries and amplifies the collective spirit of the group.

Here are a few set-ups that were created in 2019.

You can also remove the front side of a cube to create a bookshelf 😉


Tetrix is not more expensive than whiteboard walls when it comes to transforming a space. Besides, it brings much more flexibility. But we know that budget is often a constraint, so we came with a safe, easy and affordable way to adopt Tetrix.
a) Rent the cubes for a couple of days (for a workshop, for example) and see if you like the concept.
b) Try longer and go for or leasing solution. Ideal for experiencing the cubes in the long term. You can stop at any time – no risk.
c) Tetrix is a scalable solution. It works in your space, and your participants enjoy it? Just add more! It is that simple.

We’ve shown you a few examples and configurations coming from 1.5 to 3 cubes/participant. But at the end of the day, remember that imagination is without limits!

@credit – CoDesign-it
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Tetrix Cubes Now Available in Australia

We are extremely pleased to announce that our Tetrix cubes are now available for rental in Australia!

From one day for a workshop to a few months for a collaborative space – all durations are possible.

In this new adventure, we teamed-up with Broderix. They have a great experience with the local market (many of you know them already) and will deliver the whole country from their Sydney warehouse.

For those who do not know our cubes yet, Tetrix is a modular environment composed of magnetic cubes that combine to create multiple shapes.

A cube can be a stool, 4 cubes become a table, 20 cubes form a partition, and so on. A single space can thus have an infinity of configurations and serve different roles.

Because the cubes are easy to move, users get involved, test, move, and model the furniture they need when they need it. To improve the interactions, the cubes are covered with different elements like whiteboard surfaces, cushions, wheels, etc.

Sydney is our third warehouse after Paris and Kuala Lumpur.

Here are the countries we are currently covering for short and long term rental:
From Paris: France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italia
From Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
From Sydney: Australia, from East to West.

We will gladly assist you with your future workshop or collaborative space, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Contact Kai:

Contact Valentin:

For more about the Tetrix cubes, visit